Opening 12. Apr. 2024
13.04.24 - 21.04.24

Artist Talk: Sculptural Syntax 
30. Apr. 2024 
Opening 2. Aug. 2024 
Artist Talk 11. Aug. 2024 

Stray Affections
Clubclub Wien 
13.03.24 - 17.03.24
Sophia Gatzkan and Moritz Führer

The exhibition Stray Affections deals with the signs of power and powerlessness on the battlefield of today's bodies, which have long been neither natural nor artificial. Sophia Gatzkan and Moritz Führer show mutated and tragic bodies that are in constant battle. Striving for high performance, your greatest enemy is the best version of yourself. It is the one that hunts you.

Excerpt from the exhibition text by Helena Müller 

Photography Kunstdokumentationcom 

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Clinical fatigue
Parallel Vienna

Artist Statement at Parallen Vienna 2024
Bildrecht Young Artist Award

Clinical Fatigue is a project informed by the exhibition site of Otto Wagner Clinic which has a long and complex history. Here Sophia Gatzkan took an approach of an anthropological interest to draw connections between different historic events takingplace at this site. Clinical Fatigue exhibition exposes the concealed horror within these walls.

Photo by Kaja Clare Joo

Everyone can lace on space-age shoes 
Neue Galerie Graz

24.06.23 - 01.10.2023
Sophia Gatzkan and Moritz Führer 

Sophia Gatzkan und Moritz Führer gehen in ihrer Duo-Ausstellung Everyone can lace on space-age shoes der Frage nach, wo die Grenzen, die Mensch und Maschine bzw. Mensch und Tier voneinander trennen, verlaufen, und reflektieren, ob diese Grenzen überhaupt noch aufrechtzuerhalten sind.

Curated by Roman Grabner 

Photo by Neue Galerie Graz 

Zirkusgasse 38, Vienna 

In this state of affairs, humans want to execute like machines. Desiring exponential improvement in order to reach their truest full potential and cross all borders known to mankind. To be optimized, tweaked, fine-tuned and upgraded. This desire is powered by the narrative that people’s lives are continuous personal growth journeys. The sensuous works in this exhibition appear as a reminder of how alluring peak performance is, only to reveal it as a sterile and nefarious pursuit.

Excerpt from the exhibition text by Sofia Mascate

Photo by Maria Belova
Acceleration time of desire 
Leopold Museum, Vienna 

04.11.2022 – 11.12.2022

The group of current sculptures on show at the exhibition explores the complex,future-orientated issue of human beings and machines. Whereas Gatzkan deployshigh-tech products: components made of stainless steel, silicone, plastic and machine parts such as the petrol tank, brake disc and shock absorber of a motorbike look like exten-sions of the human body, once assembled. While in previous works the artist highlighted the impossibility of a coherent body by dissolving its anatomy, she now focuses on implementing its fluid form. Gatzkan tells not only of the pressures to expand or improve oneself with the help of technological add-ons, but also of the pleasure to be derived from engaging with the machine.

Curated by Philippe Batka 

Excerpt from the exhibition text Philippe Batka

Photo by Kunstdokumentation