Keeping up with the trouble 
Brut Theatre, Vienna 
30.06.22 - 03.07.22

Josepha Edbauer, Sarah Fripon, Florian Genzke, Marc Henry, Fabian Jankoschek, Sven Jirka, Sophia Gatzka, Jennifer Mattes, Gloria Pagliani, Paul Schnecke, Katrina Schneider, Maša Stanic, Thomas Supper, Harry Walker

As an artist Sophia Gatzkan is fascinated by the human body, a fascination she expresses in her sculptures. Her artistic gaze focuses on anatomical details, scrutinising the body as a biological organism. Her materials, too, are borrowed from medical science, which classifies and apportions it into specialist areas. A recent series of works looked at the negative forms of body parts. Floating freely within the space and held in place by metal devices, they seem like the prostheses of a fragmented body that is only indirectly present. Its volume is shaped by imprints of muscles and fa pads; its static equilibrium by protruding bones and tendons; its microstructure by pores and hairs.