Acceleration time of desire 
Leopold Museum, Vienna 

04.11.2022 – 11.12.2022

The group of current sculptures on show at the exhibition explores the complex,future-orientated issue of human beings and machines. Whereas Gatzkan deployshigh-tech products: components made of stainless steel, silicone, plastic and machine parts such as the petrol tank, brake disc and shock absorber of a motorbike look like exten-sions of the human body, once assembled. While in previous works the artist highlighted the impossibility of a coherent body by dissolving its anatomy, she now focuses on implementing its fluid form. Gatzkan tells not only of the pressures to expand or improve oneself with the help of technological add-ons, but also of the pleasure to be derived from engaging with the machine.

Curated by Philippe Batka 

Excerpt from the exhibition text Philippe Batka

Photo by Kunstdokumentation